Can everyone start a business? What qualities should we have?

In this day and age, due to the saturation of market and toughness in finding a job a lot of people are inclined towards running their own business. And why wouldn’t they be? Having your own business has multiple benefits ; from being your own boss and going to work whenever you want to being able to work from home and hiring anyone you like. These are just a few benefits.


The biggest perk that running a business has is that you get to work on something you are passionate about. If working in a clothing store is something you have been dreaming your entire life then you can do that by starting your own business.

However there are a certain characteristics that are essential for a businessman especially in the era which we live in. So if you are wondering what those qualities are then read on below:

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How to make our children think creative?

A lot of people are misled into believing that creativity is something children are born with. But they don’t know that in reality creativity is more of a skill than a talent, which is why, it is absolutely possible for kids to become creative if they are helped by their parents in this process.


Creativity has become a big deal during the last couple of years. Every organization needs an employee who thinks creatively and end up being beneficial for the firm. Apart from that, a kid can go a long way if he has a mind that compels him to think outside of the box. Creative people tend to have a more unique approach to solve problems, which is why; they are usually very flexible and adaptable to different situations.

So if you are thinking about working on the creativity of your child, then enlisted below are a few tips that will prove to be helpful for you.

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What we should know about Croydon?

north_end_imageCroydon has received its fair share of criticism over the last couple of years. Quite recently Croydon was also named as the 2nd worst place to live in the UK. This city already has a bad reputation due to its ugly tower blocks and trams, now add the element of high crime rates and you have one of the most disastrous places to live in. But like any other place in the world, it has its ups too in addition to the downs.

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