How to make our children think creative?

A lot of people are misled into believing that creativity is something children are born with. But they don’t know that in reality creativity is more of a skill than a talent, which is why, it is absolutely possible for kids to become creative if they are helped by their parents in this process.


Creativity has become a big deal during the last couple of years. Every organization needs an employee who thinks creatively and end up being beneficial for the firm. Apart from that, a kid can go a long way if he has a mind that compels him to think outside of the box. Creative people tend to have a more unique approach to solve problems, which is why; they are usually very flexible and adaptable to different situations.

So if you are thinking about working on the creativity of your child, then enlisted below are a few tips that will prove to be helpful for you.

1.     Provide resources to your child

Every child needs some resources that are necessary for him to work on his creativity. Children usually require stuff that they can play with without the interference of adults so that they can solve matters on their own. This will help them think independently for themselves which is a big creative element.

Give your child a space where he can feel free to go crazy with his creative expression. You don’t necessarily have to allow him to make a mess everywhere in the house, though.

2.     Discuss ideas with your kid

Over lunch or dinner discuss ideas with your kid about what he wants to do for the week. In lieu of coming up with ideas yourself listen to what he has to say. The focus of this activity should be on the idea generating skill of your child.

3.     Don’t be bossy

Don’t judge the ideas of your kid and you should definitely not tell him the way he should think. Help his creativity by providing him with blocks, drawing books, and other crafts. This will stimulate his imagination too.

4.     Independence from media

If your child spends most of his time in front of the T.V then it’s quite likely he won’t know how to do things on his own without the help of media. Focus his daily activities on things which he can learn something from. Lying in front of the day will not only make your child lazy but it will also keep him from thinking independently.

5.     Encourage kids to find multiple ways to solve a problem

Your kid shouldn’t stick with just one to approach a problem. That would limit his thinking capabilities. You need to encourage him to find out different ways to deal with a problem. Tell him to solve a problem differently than he did earlier. Once he solves it, ask him to approach it differently again. Coming up with different approaches for a problem will make your child think creatively about every problem which he faces.