What we should know about Croydon?

north_end_imageCroydon has received its fair share of criticism over the last couple of years. Quite recently Croydon was also named as the 2nd worst place to live in the UK. This city already has a bad reputation due to its ugly tower blocks and trams, now add the element of high crime rates and you have one of the most disastrous places to live in. But like any other place in the world, it has its ups too in addition to the downs.

Things for Croydon have been looking up until recently due to the investments in its retail sector by the big retail companies like Westfield and Hammerson. Apart from that there are also social events that were arranged in Croydon to bring the community together and give people something to look forward to.

But if the points mentioned above still haven’t convinced you to visit Croydon at least once in your life, then read on some facts about Croydon which are mentioned below:

1.     The name “Croydon” comes from the Anglo Saxons

Croydon, some decades back, was a place which was well-known for its rapidly growing charcoal, leather, and brewing industries. People sometimes argue as to where the name “Croydon” originated from. However, it’s commonly believed that the name “Croydon” came from the Anglo Saxons.

2.     Croydon was a home to first commercial airports and train stations

Although, in this day and age Croydon is famous for its trams but in the past Croydon was famous for its revolutionary transport innovation. The world’s first train station was opened up in Croydon.

3.     Croydon was a home to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The author of Sherlock Holmes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle lived in Croydon. It’s also a well-known fact that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle also included Croydon in some of his books. While Sir Arthur was a great writer, he’s not the only popular person who has lived in Croydon.

4.     Croydon has its own radio show

With so many exciting things going on in Croydon, it should be no surprise that the city consists of its own internet radio show. The internet radio show aims to keep its people informed about the events that are going on in their city and also about the views that people may have. The radio show approximately hosts 50 hours of live show every week to provide services to its people.

5.     You can take a tour of Croydon

Even though Croydon isn’t popular for its tourism, it still receives around thousands of people every year who come to the city to check out its landscapes and architecture. Keeping this in mind James Naylor realized that this would be a good opportunity for him to start a tourism company. So now you can take tours of Croydon.

6.     Good food offerings

For a food enthusiast, Croydon would prove be a great place. You can find plenty of kinds of food items in Croydon from Italian and Indian to Chinese and Mexican. Annual food festivals are also hosted in this city which is all the more reason to visit Croydon.